Ray Ozzie’s startup, Talko, wants to reinvent the phone call, starting with an iPhone app (@GeekWire)

What has Ray Ozzie been focusing on since leaving his position as Microsoft’s chief software architect? Here’s the answer. A new app and online service called Talko, from a company co-founded by the Lotus Notes creator and collaboration software pioneer, is aiming to bring the phone call into the modern era of cloud computing and connected devices.

Features include the ability to tag and bookmark specific moments of a call for easy reference and sharing afterward. For example, it’s possible to search all calls to find moments where a conversation was tagged #budget or #followup, or any other tag a user chooses. Users can also take and share photos with each other using the app during a call, and send text messages through the app.

This is interesting, although the recording calls part obviously requires consent on behalf of both parties. This has the potential to be super useful though. At some point in the future, the capability will be there to likely make manual tagging irrelevant and voice recognition will reach a point where an entire call will become searchable for content. But even if you have to tag instances in a call manually, that’s still a valuable thing to be able to have at your disposal, be it a work project, a to-do list for specific stores etc.