Huawei boss says Tizen has ‘no chance’ of success (@engadget)

According to the executive, unnamed mobile networks had asked Huawei to make Tizen smartphones, but Yu feels that the platform has “no chance to be successful.”

That leaves the company with Android as the only thing its handsets can run, and when asked about this potential over-reliance on Google, Yu admitted that he’s concerned, but has “no choice.”

Can you really argue against that? Every Android OEM from Samsung on down is in this situation.

Samsung brings Tizen to original Gear smartwatch (@cnet)

Samsung on Monday said it’s now offering owners of the original Galaxy Gear the choice to switch over the smartwatch’s operating system to the company’s own Tizen software from Google’s Android. While the change is optional, the switch conveys the South Korean company’s interests in bolstering Tizen so it can reduce its dependence on Android.

I’m sure Google is super happy about this.