Salesforce’s Marc Benioff: I Run My Business Entirely Through My Phone (@recode)

Expect more of these stories as the months go by and productivity software in mobile becomes further refined.

Office For iPad Apps Have Racked Up 27M Downloads In 46 Days (@techcrunch)

In just over a month, Office for iPad has picked up another 15 million downloads of its applications. Microsoft reported 12 million downloads in early April, and 27 million today.

What I’d like to see are more than just downloads but actual engagement metrics: are people using it solely for existing documents? Are they actually creating spreadsheets/decks etc. from scratch?

Lift helps you set goals, crowdsources their achievement (@liftapp)

I read a lot of blogs from technology investors & VCs and decided to check out Lift after reading Bijan Sabet’s post about it. It’s an app that crowdsources goal setting and achievement for a variety of different habits as diverse as daily meditation and de-cluttering your house or workspace. The UI is clean and very minimalistic, not unlike most apps in the category. Of course YMWV, as any productivity app requires an equal effort from the user to get the most out of it.

The other interesting thing about the app for founders & developers is the monetization angle, which it looks like the Lift team has already started working on. I found one goal, in particular, on the “Health & Diet” called “21 Days to Your Best Sleep Ever.” It provides the user with a daily tip or suggestion that may help elicit a deeper, longer-lasting sleep. It’s also provided by the editors of Health Magazine/ Did they pay for that content to be added as its own goal? If so, it’s a really unique form of advertising that reaches the early adopter set that might not have read that content on their web site or signed up for an e-mail course on the subject. But packaged in an experience in which the user is already assumed to be amenable to making life changes, that content may be engaged with much more than it otherwise would have been. The content marketer in me is nodding in approval. The question is whether or not this strategy is making enough for Lift as an entity.

photo (4) also sponsors an Intro to Meditation program that’s one one of the featured plans, if you go to their web site.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. I’ll do a post in another week or two and map where I’m at with some of the goals I’ve chosen.