Android Wear: Nice to have, but not a must-have yet (@gigaom)

Android Wear solves the “2-foot problem,” if there is such a thing. Everything the watches do can be done with the smartphone that’s just two feet away from your wrist and in your pocket. For that reason, the devices right now are more of a convenience than a necessity.

Minuum Demos Text Entry On An Android Wear Watch (@techcrunch)

The Android Wear devices currently available let you respond to texts as well as read them – but they employ either voice-based input or canned responses to do so, and neither is entirely ideal.

I have enough trouble typing (still!) on an iPhone screen. This may make it a little easier but the constrictions of a watch interface are still going to make this difficult. That’s precisely why I think Google has pushed voice commands so hard for these devices; no it’s not entirely ideal but the dorkiness of talking into your watch outweighs the inflexibility of a form factor that makes it damn near imposible to type unless you have small fingers. Even with assistance from something like Minuum. Look for this to be a continuing issue with smartwatches and wearables in general.