About Us

Breaktap is a media publication dedicated to covering startups & technology specifically in the mobile, wearable & general “post-PC” spaces.


Since the mainstream adoption of laptop computers, the era of exclusively tethered, desktop computing has been on a downward trajectory. As technology has made laptops more ubiquitious and the phone has now become its own personal computer, this trajectory has turned into an ever-steepening drop. We now live in an age where we’re never untethered from technology and the web. Our devices know more about us than ever before and can predict our behavior better than we can.

If software is eating the world, applications for mobile devices are taking the lion’s share of the food. Smartphones, wearable computers, smart devices & sensors are all masterfully constructed pieces of hardware. But what ultimately will make these products staples of our daily lives are the work of software startups, developers & hobbyists who will stretch the boundaries of hardware capability to craft new mediums with which to improve our lives.


At Breaktap, we aim to chronicle this revolution by covering the latest startups and trends in the “app ecosystem”, across the entire mobile spectrum. We also want to explore the cultural impact of this new post-PC era: how will these technologies help solve the global challenges we face in health, finance & government? How do we address an ever-growing deficit of privacy in the context of this new ultra-quantified world? Will new development frameworks have an impact on the way apps are currently developed? How will the major platforms evolve? How will we solve the ever-growing problem of app discovery? We hope we’ll be able to address these questions (and more) in a meaningful way and drive conversation towards solutions.


Blair MacGregor | Founder & Chief Editor